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Wow, I Never Knew That!

Episode #001

Learn the history and origin of everyday stuff!

On this episode of Wow, I Never Knew That, it’s an American soft drink icon, enjoyed in places all over the globe! Now, learn the tucked away trivia of how a pharmacist and an accountant created the most famous soda in the world, we’ll take you behind the scenes of COCA COLA! And, learn the “BEAR” truth behind how a U.S. president helped create everyone’s favorite stuffed toy, THE TEDDY BEAR! Then, how did a piece of wire accidentally “SLINK” its way to become a fantastic fun toy for children? Plus, how a doting dad helped his son throw a better curve ball, by inventing the WIFFLE BALL. And, how a pie tin flew to new heights and inspired the creation of one of America’s favorite outdoor activities, the FRISBEE. Plus, a whole lot more!



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