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If you are a Haier Roku TV user, then you will definitely enjoy having the Wow, I Never Knew That streaming app. 


This interesting app is fun for leisure time as it teaches you cool facts and details about everyday objects around you. For instance, the clock on your wall, when was it invented and how did it progress to become what it is today?


This app is perfect for anyone that loves exploring information about things around them.


Show off your newly acquired knowledge to impress your friends! The app features a minimalistic design with a beautiful interface that is very easy to use for even the most novice of users. Once the app opens, you are presented with three options: Search, Home, and Login. With the search option, you can look for specific objects that you want to learn about. You are given suggestions based on what is new, what is popular, and what is recommended for you.


After making a selection, a video will play up showing you facts and figures about the topic. Along with brilliant animations and detailed images, the videos account for an amazing learning experience. What is even more impressive is the vast database of topics the app has. From objects around you such as smartphones and televisions to living creatures, this app has everything!


So if you want to get in the know - check out Wow, I Never Knew That! It’s an inventive app that provides you valuable information about things that you use on a daily basis. To find out more about this app click here. 





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