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Wow, I Never Knew That!






Learn the History and Origin of Everyday Stuff!


New York, N.Y. – Did you know the potato chip was invented out of anger? Or that Sweet ‘N Low was named after a song?  Or that the red and white stripes on a barber pole were meant to represent bloody bandages? These questions and more are answered and explained in a new series called WOW, I NEVER KNEW THAT from executive producer David Harris Katz.


WOW, I NEVER KNEW THAT is a whimsical, half-hour television series that is jam-packed with exciting tidbits and fascinating facts that uncover the truths and origins behind the stuff you’re already familiar with. From the items you use every day to the phrases you use in conversation to the habits you’re so accustomed to, you’ll be fascinated to learn how they’ve all really come about!


Did you know that the Piggy Bank got its name from the clay it was originally created from called PYGG? Or that bulls charge not at the color red but at anything that is moving. You’ll be captivated by hundreds of interesting fun facts!  


WOW, I NEVER KNEW THAT is fast-paced and fact-packed! “Each segment moves quickly to introduce a topic, followed by compelling history and then the WOW moment. It’s these WOW nuggets of information that often surprises the audience.  It really gets the viewer to say, “Wow, I never knew that.” Each episode is like an exhilarating roller coaster ride,” says editor John Fallon.  


Throughout the 13-episode first season of WOW, I NEVER KNEW THAT viewers discover surprising facts about some of the most iconic international brands such as Coca-Cola, Domino’s Pizza, Haagen-Dazs, PEZ Candy, Etch-a-Sketch and Frisbee. You’ll be astonished by the little known history behind these products plus a whole lot more.  


“WOW, I NEVER KNEW THAT puts a smile on everybody’s face. This series delivers a fun concentrated dose of unique information that is sure to delight and amaze its viewers. We spend our whole lives being exposed to products, phrases, and pop culture, but where did it all come from? WOW, I NEVER KNEW THAT is like unearthing lost treasure. There is a magical appeal to unearthing something new about something very old to you,” says executive producer David Harris Katz.


Commonsensemedia.org said, "This fun, fast-paced series is lively entertainment with multi-generational appeal for curious families. “Wow, I Never Knew That!” changes the way you think about objects and behavior that are part of our daily routines. With a little prompting, this can inspire a desire to learn more about the things your family encounters on a regular basis, as well as interest in experimentation and invention. This is appealing for all different levels of attention span and makes it fun for families to watch together."


WOW, I NEVER KNEW THAT is safe family entertainment.  Its key advertising demographics include a core 18-49 demo and an older 25-54 audience.  However, 25-34 seem to enjoy it the most. Kids have a strong appeal to it as well.  



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