T-Shirt History of PEZ Candy

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    Share a little bit of history with the world. This shirt displays the history and origin of PEZ candy. It also features our now famous Wow, I Never Knew That! logo. Slim fit, runs a bit small.

    "They were the sweet candy pellets we loved as a kid, but did you know that PEZ was created to help people stop smoking?
    That’s right; in 1927 Eduard Haas III invented a peppermint-flavored candy to provide and alternative to lighting up. The word in German for peppermint is PFEFFERMINZE. If you cut down PFEFFERMINZE to three letters, you get PEZ!
    PEZ came in a package called “Regulars,” it looked similar in shape to a cigarette lighter.
    In the 1950’s PEZ came to the United States and changed their marketing to children by altering their original “cigarette lighter” design and putting character heads on them. Mickey Mouse and Santa Clause were among the first."

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