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David Harris Katz Entertainment, Inc. is currently in production on several exciting new projects.  You will find information below.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact us and let us know.

Wow, I Never Knew That!
Live Auction


Did you know the potato chip was invented out of anger?  Or that Sweet ‘N Low was named after a song?  Or the real reason we yell shotgun when getting into a car?


These questions and more are answered and explained in a new series called “Wow, I Never Knew That!” produced by the Emmy award-winning production company David Harris Katz Entertainment, Inc.

“Live Auction" is hosted by world-famous funny man Marc Theobold.  It’s a live, interactive dating show where regular folks bid big bucks to win an evening out on the town.  All money raised goes to charity.  

See What's Next

“See What’s Next” takes viewers on a visionary journey to learn how existing technologies work and how science has advanced their use for something new.


Through interviews with scientists, engineers and innovators, viewers will learn first hand what it is like to go through the exploration process.


Using exciting footage and sophisticated 3D graphics, viewers will get a clear visual understanding on how these technologies function and how they have advanced.


From anatomy to electronics and everything in-between, 

“See What’s Next!” explores all the exciting new possibilities science has to uncover!

If I Wasn't Famous

"If I Wasn't Famous" gives celebrities an altered reality and a chance NOT to be famous for one day.  Each episode begins by learning what they would most likely be doing had they not made it big, i.e. building furniture, working at a car wash, selling shoes etc.  


Then through the use of make-up and special prosthetics, each celebrity is given a "reverse" makeover.  (Think UNDERCOVER BOSS). 


Once transformed, the celebrity goes "undercover" and is sent to work as their "altered ego."  We now watch the enlightening and hysterical exchanges that take place as the celebrity lets loose on the unsuspecting pubic. 

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