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After the Storm


1 x 2:00 HD

Amidst a raging storm's fury, schoolteacher Lauren Christensen braves the elements to rescue her beloved dog, Buster, only to find him in the arms of Collin Traub. Seeking shelter, they take refuge in Lauren's barn for the night. Despite Collin's past rejection, Lauren's resentment simmers as they weather the storm together.

In the aftermath, Lauren discovers her family home washed away but resolves to rebuild. While staying at the relief center, tensions rise with her fiancé, prompting a temporary separation. As Lauren observes Collin's compassion and leadership, their bond deepens beyond mere friendship.

With Collin's brother's guidance, he confronts his past and reaches out to Lauren, sparking a blossoming romance as they construct their new home together, symbolizing not just a fresh start but also the foundation of their love.


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