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All Aboard for Love


1 x 2:00 HD

Alison Marlowe, with her life meticulously planned, is on the brink of selling her family's marina and setting sail for exotic adventures. However, her plans are thrown off course when Joel Cartwright, a shrewd businessman taking a break from his family's corporate empire, arrives to resurrect their old boat. Despite an instant connection, Alison and Joel suppress their feelings as her departure looms.

As Alison witnesses the decline of the marina's quality under new management, Joel's admiration for her hands-on approach grows. Despite knowing she's leaving, he can't resist asking her out. Encouraged by friends and a blossoming connection, Alison reluctantly indulges in a summer romance with Joel.

However, when she discovers Joel's family is behind the corporate decisions undermining the marina, Alison feels betrayed. Yet, Joel's unwavering support and a newfound bond deepen their relationship. Torn between her commitment to adventure and her loyalty to the marina, Alison takes a stand to save it, earning Joel's admiration.

In a grand gesture, Joel proposes that they manage his family's marinas together as husband and wife, promising a lifetime of sailing adventures and summers in Otter's Port. Overwhelmed by love, Alison accepts, and their summer fling blossoms into a lifelong romance, spanning through seasons and years to come.


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