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Love, Alaska


1 x 2:00 HD

In honor of her late Uncle Tobias, Dr. Maggie Richards relocates to Love, Alaska to revive his much-needed medical practice. Upon arrival at Anchorage airport, she finds herself amidst 'Operation Love' tourists—singles from around the globe seeking their soulmates. The festival draws love-seekers like migrating birds to find their true north.

At the airport, Maggie encounters Finn O'Rourke, her childhood friend turned charter pilot to Love. Together, they meet with lawyer Jasper, who reveals Tobias' will, leaving them both sizable inheritances. However, Finn's share hinges on aiding Maggie in rebuilding the clinic, a proposition neither initially embraces. Finn, burdened by familial obligations, sees the inheritance as a lifeline for his brother Declan's struggling business.

As Maggie and Finn confront personal challenges and old wounds, their bond deepens. Maggie's insight into Finn's PTSD prompts him to seek help, while she immerses herself in the community through Operation Love events, finding friendship and connection.

With Declan's support, Finn realizes that staying in Love is where he truly belongs. As Maggie's medical practice flourishes, their journey leads them to rediscover their long-standing affection for each other, thanks to Uncle Tobias's unwitting matchmaking.


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