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Date While You Wait
13 x 30 HD

This Emmy© award-winning series can be seen all over the world.

AS SEEN ON AND DISTRIBUTED BY: Walmart, Barnes & Noble, FYE, Amazon, Amazon Prime, Tubi, Xumo, NYC Life, Local Now, Safe TV, Latino Alternative Network, KPVM, AIB Network, NCW Life, BBB12 TV, Family Values Television, Right Now TV, Rewarded TV, Reveel, Cineverse, The Movie Studio, Cinenso, Exclipse 24/7. Love Destination, and more! 

Date While You Wait The Series 1920x1080 Title Only.jpg

"Date While You Wait" brings people together, but it is not what you think! 

"Date While You Wait" received press coverage from ABC News, New York Post, Eyewitness News Channel 7, Univision, Fox 5 New York, Variety Magazine, The New York Times, WGN 9 Chicago, Untapped New York, BuzzFeed, Spectrum 1 News, CNN, WCBS, AOL, Time Out Magazine, The Philadelphia Inquirer, ABC News 6, China Global Television, Huffington Post, Daily Mirror, Aljazeera Television, and many more!  


For five years, a man set up a table and chairs in the New York City Subway System and asked harried commuters to chat or play a game while waiting for their train. It turns out a conversation can change the world!


Episode 1

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