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  • About David Harris Katz Entertainment, Inc.
    With over 30 years in the entertainment industry, David Harris Katz Entertainment, Inc. will produce an award- winning project for you!
  • How can I work with David Harris Katz Entertainment, Inc.
    Simply send us an email at We are excited to hear from you. We will set up a phone call to discuss your production or distribution needs.
  • We are a small company with a small budget, will David Harris Katz Entertainment, Inc. work with us?
    David Harris Katz Entertainment, Inc. is creative in more ways than one. We have experience with budgets of all sizes.
  • I am a content producer, do I have to give away my rights to have my title distributed?
    No, you will never sign away your rights for any title you submit to David Harris Katz Entertainment. All deals are non-exclusive, so you can offer your title to any other platform or station you wish.
  • How much does it cost to submit a title to David Harris Katz Entertainment?
    Nothing! There is no fee to submit a title to David Harris Katz Entertainment.
  • How much money does David Harris Katz Entertainment keep for marketing and promotion.
    Nothing! There are no backend marketing fees involved before you get paid.
  • What is the revenue spit?
    Since we do not charge any upfront fees, backend fees, or marketing fees, we consider our working together as equal. Therefore our revenue split is 50/50. We are both in this together to get your title into the world and to generate revenue.
  • How long do I have to wait until I get paid?
    Payments and reports are sent out quarterly.
  • What are the benefits with going with David Harris Katz entertainment for distribution of my title.
    We offer a good solution for content creators. We know the difficulty of getting your titles into the world. We experienced the same thing. We came up with a somewhat better mousetrap! We offer a direct connection to our platform EIFTV, plus syndication to local stations across the United States. We always let you maintain your rights. Our syndication model generally has higher payouts than other means of distribution. We respond to your emails! We know how frustrating it is to send an email to a platform or station, only to be ghosted. We want to hear from you and will respond to all inquires within 24 hours. Think of us as an Agent, without us being an Agent. Getting someone on the phone to hear about your title is almost impossible. The experience is frustrating and quite upsetting. If you submit a title for distribution and it passes our guidelines, we will welcome you the family! We have industry relationships we've built over the past 30 years, let those relationships help you! We attend industry movie and television conventions. We have been attending NATPE for the past 30 years. No upfront risk to you. Our service costs you nothing. The worst that can happen is that your title does not generate any revenue. You are still free to work with other platforms or stations.
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