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  • About David Harris Katz Entertainment, Inc.
    Welcome to David Harris Katz Entertainment, Inc., where innovation meets excellence in the world of entertainment production, aggregation, syndication, and podcasting. As an Emmy® award-winning company, we pride ourselves on delivering captivating television shows that captivate audiences globally. With our extensive reach, our television shows grace screens across the globe, offering unparalleled entertainment experiences to diverse audiences. Whether it's drama, comedy, or documentary, our production and distribution content resonate with viewers far and wide. At the heart of our operations lies our Media Aggregation & Quality Control process, meticulously crafted to ensure that your digital files adhere to the highest workflow standards and specifications. This commitment to quality guarantees that every aspect of our content meets and exceeds industry expectations. As a trusted distributor, we connect programming with stations throughout the United States, facilitating seamless access to our compelling content for viewers nationwide. Through strategic partnerships and efficient distribution channels, we amplify the reach of our productions, and Content Partners, enriching the television landscape with our distinct brand of entertainment. In addition to our television endeavors, we proudly present "A Page in History," our acclaimed podcast that offers an exclusive glimpse into the memories of the world-famous NBC Pages. With each episode, listeners embark on a captivating journey through the corridors of history, guided by the firsthand accounts of these remarkable individuals. At David Harris Katz Entertainment, Inc., we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of creativity and storytelling. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for innovation, we continue to shape the future of entertainment, one production, aggregation, syndication, and podcast episode at a time. Join us on our journey as we redefine the landscape of entertainment.
  • What type of content do you accept?
    All content must adhere to family-friendly standards, excluding any elements such as nudity, drugs, sex, violence, or any other inappropriate content. Any material in violation of these guidelines may result in the nullification of an Agreement. This clause emphasizes the importance of maintaining content that aligns with family-friendly values and standards.
  • How David Harris Katz Entertainment, Inc. monetize titles?
    David Harris Katz Entertainment, Inc. does not take a percent of gross revenue. David Harris Katz Entertainment, Inc. utilizes the “EquiShare Payment Allocation" method for the allocation of revenue generated from commercial placements within titles licensed from Content Provider. Under this payment method, revenue is allocated to Content Provider in proportion to the number of Titles they license to David Harris Katz Entertainment, Inc. When a Title is licensed to a station, and running during a specific quarter, each Title is accorded equal weight in the payment allocation process. This method utilizes an algorithm to ensure fair and proportional distribution of revenue among Content Providers. David Harris Katz Entertainment, Inc. receives their equal share of revenue based off of their own titles in conjunction with content producers, relative to the total revenue generated, during that particular quarter.
  • Are there specific strategies in place to promote newer or high-quality films over the older content in your distribution network, especially considering the potential dilution of revenue with a large catalog?
    Our catalog remains intentionally curated, comprising fewer than 100 titles. We present our entire library to stations as a comprehensive offering for their consideration. Stations have the opportunity to review our diverse range of genres and series, selecting the titles that align with their programming needs. Additionally, we provide tailored recommendations based on our understanding of their preferences. For instance, if we believe a new title would be particularly suitable for a station, we proactively share specific links to facilitate their review and selection process.
  • I’m on Filmhub so we would need to take their channels out of the agreement. With Filmhub primarily handling streaming distribution and having partnerships like Discovery Channel, could you clarify which broadcast channels or platforms you intend to utilize that do not overlap with my Filmhub coverage?
    We exclusively provide content to local broadcast stations within the United States, refraining from engagement with streaming platforms associated with Filmhub. Our catalog is tailored for distribution to over 1600 available broadcast stations nationwide.
  • How does the “EquiShare” model handle revenue distribution among high-performing versus older, potentially less popular films?
    We've observed that both older and newer titles perform equally well in our revenue model, known as Per Inquiry (PI). In PI, we integrate commercials that prompt viewers to dial a phone number for engagement, a common strategy seen in commercials featuring listed phone numbers. Interestingly, we've noticed that older viewers tend to engage more through this method compared to younger viewers. Consequently, older titles often generate more calls than newer ones. Conversely, with newer titles, families sometimes watch together, including both older adults and younger viewers. While the younger audience enjoys the content, the older generation may be more inclined to make inquiries, resulting in a balanced engagement dynamic across different types of titles.
  • Given that all films receive an equal share of revenue under the “EquiShare” model, does this apply to films that do not perform well or at all in your distribution channels? How does this affect new entries to your catalog?
    Allocation of revenue is based on a proportional distribution among companies, not on an equal basis per film. The share a company receives depends on the number of titles they have airing during any given quarter. For instance, a series with a younger audience may air weekly throughout the year, whereas films like yours might only air once or twice per quarter. On linear broadcast television, titles are scheduled and may have limited airings. Thus, while your titles may be robust, relying solely on calls generated during their runtime could result in minimal revenue. However, since all titles run the same commercials, there's collective strength in numbers. Increased exposure of commercials to viewers enhances the likelihood of calls. A viewer may not respond to a commercial during your movie airing at night but might do so when seeing the same commercial during a different title the next day. As our model allows commercials to air across various time slots, each title caters to different viewer demographics, maximizing overall engagement potential.
  • How can I work with David Harris Katz Entertainment, Inc.
    If you are a Content Producer, please fill out this form: If you are a station looking for content, please fill out this form: We are excited to hear from you. We will set up a phone call to discuss your production or distribution needs.
  • We are a small company with a small budget, will David Harris Katz Entertainment, Inc. work with us?
    David Harris Katz Entertainment, Inc. is creative in more ways than one. We have experience with budgets of all sizes.
  • I am a content producer, do I have to give away my rights to have my title distributed?
    No, you will never sign away your rights for any title you submit to David Harris Katz Entertainment. All deals are non-exclusive, so you can offer your title to any other platform or station you wish.
  • How much does it cost to submit a title to David Harris Katz Entertainment?
    Nothing! There is no fee to submit a title to David Harris Katz Entertainment.
  • How much money does David Harris Katz Entertainment keep for marketing and promotion.
    Nothing! There are no backend marketing fees involved before you get paid.
  • How long do I have to wait until I get paid?
    Payments and reports are sent out quarterly.
  • What are the benefits with going with David Harris Katz entertainment for distribution of my title.
    Discover a superior solution for content creators with David Harris Katz Entertainment, Inc. We intimately understand the challenges of bringing your titles to the world because we've been there ourselves. That's why we've crafted a solution that serves as a significant improvement in the game. Our syndication service opens doors to local broadcast stations across the United States, providing unparalleled exposure for your content. Crucially, we respect and uphold your rights throughout the process, ensuring you retain full control over your creations. Unlike other distribution avenues, our syndication model typically boasts higher payouts, outperforming even popular streaming platforms. Moreover, we prioritize communication, promptly responding to all inquiries within 48 hours. Say goodbye to being ignored or left in the dark—we value your input and strive to foster transparent, supportive partnerships. Think of us as your advocate in the industry, bridging the gap between content creators and broadcasters without the constraints of a traditional agent. We understand the frustration of navigating the industry's labyrinthine bureaucracy, which is why we offer a welcoming, family-like atmosphere. Submit your title for distribution, and if it meets our guidelines, you're part of the family. Benefit from our extensive industry relationships cultivated over three decades, leveraging our network to propel your content to new heights. Plus, meet us in person at industry-leading conventions like Content Americas, or NATPE, where we've been a fixture for 30 years, ensuring our finger remains firmly on the pulse of the entertainment world. Best of all, there's no financial risk on your end. Our services come at zero upfront cost, meaning you have nothing to lose. Even if your title doesn't generate revenue, you're free to explore other opportunities while retaining complete autonomy over your work. Partner with David Harris Katz Entertainment, Inc., and let us help you turn your creative vision into a reality.
  • How many movies are currently in your portfolio for distribution?
    We maintain a curated distribution portfolio of under 100 titles to ensure that each title receives proper attention and visibility. This approach prevents our titles from being lost in an overwhelming sea of content, unlike Filmhub, which boasts over 10,000 titles.
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