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Christmas Catch


1 x 2:00 HD

Detective Mackenzie Bennett lives and breathes Christmas, sharing her passion with her mother, who also happens to be her police captain. Mackenzie is renowned for her intelligence, toughness, and exceptional detective skills on the job. However, in her personal life, she's comfortable in cargo pants and heavy black safety shoes, believing that the right person will appreciate her for who she is, regardless of attire.

Her belief in serendipitous love is put to the test when she encounters Carson Mills, a charming man who shares her love for the holiday season. Yet, their budding romance takes a complicated turn when the FBI arrives, seeking her precinct's assistance in a diamond theft case, with Carson as their prime suspect.

Assigned to investigate Carson up close, Mackenzie grapples with the possibility that their meeting might not be fate, but rather orchestrated by external forces. As she delves deeper into the case, Mackenzie must navigate the complexities of love and duty, uncertain of where her heart truly lies amidst the investigation.


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