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Wow, I Never Knew That!
13 x 30 HD

Learn the history and origin of everyday stuff! 

“Wow, I Never Knew That!” is a whimsical, half-hour television series that is jam-packed with exciting tidbits and fascinating facts that uncover the truths and origins behind the stuff you’re already familiar with.   


From the items you use every day to the phrases you use in conversation to the habits you’re so accustomed to, you’ll be fascinated to learn how they’ve all really come about!

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AS FEATURED IN AND VOTED ON: "What To Stream Right Now For Kids Who Love History," "7 Documentaries That Will Make You Smarter," "Best Educational Shows on Prime Video," and voted among "The Best Kids' TV Shows on Amazon Prime Video." 

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Wow, I Never Knew That!

Wow, I Never Knew That!
Episode One

Learn how a pharmacist and an accountant created the most famous drink in the world, COCA-COLA! And learn the “BEAR” truth behind how a U.S. president helped create everyone’s favorite stuffed toy, THE TEDDY BEAR! Then, how did a piece of wire accidentally “SLINK” its way to become a fantastic fun toy for children? Plus, how the WIFFLE BALL was invented. 

Caramba  no lo sabía!  2023 1920x1080.jpg

Caramba, no lo sabía!
Episodio uno

Caramba, no lo sabía! - Una serie de televisión divertida, familiar e informativa que descubre los orígenes de cosas, frases y hábitos cotidianos.


  • Wow, this really is a pretty cool show and a very nice addition to EPOCH TV!

  • It is a fun, lighthearted, and interesting diversion from the daily INSANITY of current events. Thank you!

  • I appreciate this content. Good addition, Epoch!

  • Very interesting and fun show! Looking forward to seeing more episodes. 

  • “S1, Ep1”!!!!That implies there are other episodes!! Bring them on Epoch Tv. This was a terrific way to end a crummy day. I am seriously looking forward to future episodes. Kudos and hugs to the program director.    

  • I am enjoying these shows and learning so much.

  • These shows are terrific!!! Thanks Epoch Times!!

  • I have no idea where this show originated from or how Epoch Times found it but thanks, Mr. or Ms. program director. I am enjoying the series

  • Lots of FUN facts!

  • Wow! Amazing useless info!

  • I love trivia (my friends call it useless information). This show is right up my alley! [Wondering to myself where the phrase “right up my alley” started.] Thanks!

  • I am enjoying these shows and learning so much.

  • This show is chock full of fun facts and back stories. The host, JJ, is a likable host and has a genuine quality about him. The vintage videos and other scientific and historical media help bring these facts to life. Confirms things you might have learned as a child and broadens your perspective with new and interesting information. Much more entertaining than a Google search!

  • Awesome!  Just wanted to express my great pleasure in watching the show, Wow, I Never Knew That."  Thank you so much.


  • Interesting to watch!  Short videos that tell the history of all kinds of things like Coke. The videos are well done.  It is interesting, fun to watch and educational for all ages.  This is time well spent.  After watching one of those videos it really does make you say, "Wow, I Never Knew That."


  • Great show, I hope there are more on the way!  This is well done, informative and fun to watch, I can't wait to see the next season, keep up the good work!


  • Think Modern Marvels meets How It's Made with a little Unwrapped thrown in.


  • My kids and I have been loving this channel and we shout the catch phrase at each other...Wow, I Never Knew That!


  • I like it! 


  • Very interesting.


  • Good series, everything interests me!  


  • Interesting facts! 


  • Honestly, I already knew that. I still watched. Good enough for those that don't.


  • Good learning tool about things around you.


  • I love these videos! I always learn so much. And as a teacher I found they are the perfect little time filler for those times when our lesson finishes early or the daily schedule gets thrown out of whack due to unforeseen circumstances.


  • Good show always something unique.


  • I really like this show and so do my children. 


  • Super great series, thanks!

  • Well done, great content!  Nicely done, a lot of learning about exactly what the title depicts.


  • Pretty informative.


  • Wow, I really didn't know. Lots of interesting stuff. Caught me by surprise.  


  • Five stars, thank you. 


  • Five stars, very good. 


  • Five stars, I enjoyed learning the many things I did not know.


  • Neat show.  Full of fun facts and answers to things you've often wondered about.


  • Wow.  I never knew those things.  Interesting program, story well told.


  • Five stars, very nice.


  • Entertaining AND educational.


  • Four Stars!  AA++


  • Five Stars.  I love the app.  It is very educational.


  • I might have just found the most interesting video. ​


  • Five Stars. Just great. 

  • Five Stars!  Very interesting information.


  • Five Stars!  Awesome Information.  


  • I love the content. 


  • Five Stars!  Great item, interesting.


  • Fun facts! Lots of interesting facts! We enjoyed all of them. 


  • Five Stars.  Crazy things you just never knew about.

  • Five Stars.  Thank you!


  • Five Stars.  What's not to like?  I find it very informative.  I actually didn't know how those things came to be, how they are made or how they got their names.  


  • The series looks great! Very educational and well produced.  


  • This fun, fast-paced series is lively entertainment with multi-generational appeal for curious families. In the course of one episode, there are bound to be several that will surprise you.


  • Wow, I Never Knew That! changes the way you think about objects and behavior that are part of our daily routines. With a little prompting, this can inspire a desire to learn more about the things your family encounters on a regular basis, as well as interest in experimentation and invention.


  • Wow, I Never Knew That! is an informational series filled with fun facts and origin stories about everyday items, name brands, and phrases. The content is presented in a fast-paced format that doesn't delve too deeply into any one subject, allowing for many intriguing stories in each episode.


  • This is appealing for all different levels of attention span and makes it fun for families to watch together.


  • Expect to see lots of brand names but no direct product placement in this entertaining show.


  • Wow, I Never Knew That! digs into the origins of everyday objects, common phrases, popular games, and traditions. Each episode features anywhere from 15 to 20 subjects, from famous items like a Slinky to conveniences we take for granted, such as the elevator.


  • Host Jeff "J.J." Johnson tells viewers the curious and fascinating facts about the origins, whether by intent or accident, and evolution of the subjects.


  • It's interesting.


  • Nice graphics, fast paced. Great variety of topics covered. Something for everyone.


  • Five Stars.  Really great...Just "stuff" you never really thought about.  Fun to watch.  


  • Great program.


  • This is fun to listen to and pick up interesting tidbits.  


  • I love this insightful program.  


  • I love this channel, this is a great for the whole family, thank you.


  • It is really cool!


  • Five stars, fun.


  • Excellent show.  Really enjoying watching this show. Discovered so much that I did not know.


  • Five stars. Very interesting.


  • Five stars. Love it!


  • Your show "Wow, I Never Knew That!" is fantastic! I will recommend it to family and friends!!!!


  • Quality watching. Great program to watch with kids. Fast paced, interesting information.  


  • Has some excellent information.  


  • Very interesting.


  • Five Stars.  I love it. 


  • Five Stars. Good to learn the stuff they cover.  Interesting! 


  • Five Stars. We find it fascinating. Not your hum drum boring channel.


  • Very very interesting and as the titles states "Wow, I Never Knew That!" Watch it often.


  • Five stars. Ordered by family and they said it's great!


  • Delightful and not predictable. This is a really funky and interesting series. You never know what you will find and some of the stuff is painlessly intellectually stimulating.  


  • Five stars...I like it. Have to say it's different.


  • News you can use. Gave some great information.  

  • This show is very entertaining and interesting with a lot of interesting facts that I never knew.


  • Interesting information. I liked it. The host was very enthusiastic and the information was easy to understand. 


  • Awesome facts.


  • My students like this show.


  • It has lots of facts and information without being over informative.


  • Some of the facts are great conversation starters for a class discussion.


  • I think JJ is great. He is a lively character and enjoyable to watch. Lots of great trivia packed in this 30 minute show. 

  • I Love WOW! Keep it up, this show is endlessly fascinating!

  • Entertaining and informative. Passes the time with interesting and entertaining programming.

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